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MANASYS Jazz Release Notices

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Build 17.1.296

            General Development.  From #296 to ???


Build 16.5.280

            Mostly further issues related to Easytrieve conversion.  From #279 to #295


Build 16.4.278

            Various issues related to Easytrieve Conversion.  Combines #269 => #278


Build 16.4.268

            EV Code Sharing Certificate (suppresses “Windows has protected your PC”).  2 very minor corrections.


Build 16.4.260

            Code Sharing Certificate.  Omit key of related record.


Build 16.4.258

            A minor enhancement and a minor error fix to Easytrieve conversion functions


Build 16.4.257

Minor improvements to Easytrieve conversion functions


Build 16.4.256

A major improvement in support for Easytrieve conversion, Import From Easytrieve now handles more file and field types, and the new Easytrieve Conversion Notepad feature does most of the work for you. 


Build 16.3.255

A minor clean-up, mainly to repair an error with Classical CICS programs handling VSAM records and Generic Indexes.


Build 16.3.244

MANASYS Jazz will now generate client interfaces and web services that will handle simple parent/child record hierarchies


Build 16.2.243

Build 243 introduces some enhancements to facilitate conversion of Easytrieve to MANASYS Jazz, making it the easiest and best way to convert Easytrieve to COBOL.


Build 16.2.240

Build #240 continues the focus on development of CICS Web Services and related Client Interfaces.  Improvements include support for messages that return several records, improving the New/Logic/Web Service dialog to handle related tables easily, support for VSAM web services, and optionally handling Add and Delete functions.


Build 16.1.238

Build 16.1 introduces integrated Client App development.  This video shows the process.  The statistics of program JSPG2 are remarkable: From a 17 line SQL definition, MANASYS generated 2500 lines of COBOL, 320 lines of JSON, and 854 lines of C#, all of which compiled and worked correctly first time.   


No other software offers comparable productivity ratios, nor offers integrated development of mainframe web services and client apps.


Build 15.5.229

REST (.json) services follow Swagger (Open UI) standards and conventions

Web service discovery has been rewritten to handle REST as well as SOAP. 


Build 15.5.214

Support DB2 for ZOS. 

Get SQL table definitions from DCLGEN output

JCL to compile COBOL without SQL connection until later BIND step

General SQL Changes

Use Qualified name, so PREFIX now unnecessary

Generate definitions in line, so CPYLIBNAME now unnecessary for long table names

Errors with DATE fields (Update and WHERE) now fixed

Configuration retained when Jazz updated


Build 15.4.193

Vastly improved handling of Web Service input messages,

Input NULL, ZERO values handled as special names,

PIC used in SQL definitions for editing and display format,

CAPS/LOWER properties: facilities case-insensitive processing

EXISTS for Referential integrity for SQL as well as VSAM


Build 15.3.191

            DB2 Phase 2 – CICS and Web Services.  SQL-style conditions (LIKE, IN, BETWEEN) in general logic.  FREEKEY


Build 15.2.190

            Introductory DB2 Support.  DB2 supported for batch programs


Build 15.1.188

            Some items to complete Micro Focus support.


Build 15.1.187

            Substring references, PRINT … FIELDTABLE can now include constants, Comment Out/In


Build 15.1.185

            Integration with Micro Focus, DATE Data Type, TRIM and LTRIM (in addition to RTRIM), COBOL statement


Please contact us if you want more details about the changes, if you have any questions about Jazz that are not quickly answered from our web site, or if you want to arrange access to an evaluation copy of MANASYS Jazz.


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CEO, Jazz Software Ltd

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