MANASYS Jazz Build 15.1.185

Jazz V15 has several significant advances compared to V14.

1.         Integration with Micro Focus

Of course all the previous options for direct communication with z/OS systems remain, but by configuring Jazz to work with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer (MFED) it will write COBOL, JCL, and BMS maps into the folders of a Micro Focus COBOL project.  Now when youve processed your Jazz program the [Results] button immediately turns green: click this and the Micro Focus project is invoked and the new objects can be immediately tested.  If you like you can then step through the generated COBOL to see exactly what its doing.


See for more information.


Currently this has been tested for batch programming and for classical CICS with Visual Studio and MFED 3.0.  Wed love to hear from a Micro Focus user willing to help us test it with the Eclipse IDE.  


Development of Jazz V15 will continue to ensure that web services work at least as smoothly as they do when working directly with a z/OS mainframe. 

2.         DATE Data type

If you define a field with DATE format, like

            Date1 DATE DPIC 'dd mmm yyyy',

then it is a field that can hold only valid dates.  You can

         Assign values to it from any compatible format. Assignments from other field types (integers, decimal numbers, and strings) are checked, ensuring that DATE fields always contain a valid date.

         Print and display the data as specified by DPIC (Display Picture), and

         Perform date arithmetic.  

See for more information.

3.      Other changes

The hugely improved test facilities that are now available to us from Micro Focus have enabled a large number of detailed improvements.  A couple are noteworthy: -

         TRIM and LTRIM have been added as alternatives to RTRIM, making it easy to trim blanks from a CHAR field at both ends, at the left, or at the right.  For example, here the text fields T1, T2, and T3 are trimmed and concatenated into Target: -

            W.Target = W.T1 && '*' && W.T2 && '*' && W.T3 TRIM

         The COBOL statement makes COBOL features like UNSTRING easily available without losing Jazz checking, or having to amend the generated COBOL: -   

                         INTO W.AParts1 W.AParts2 W.AParts3 w.aparts4;


Please contact us if you want more details about the changes, if you have any questions about Jazz that are not quickly answered from our web site, or if you want to arrange access to an evaluation copy of MANASYS Jazz.


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