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MANASYS Jazz Build 16.3.255


Build 255 is a minor cleanup, mainly to repair an error with Classical CICS programs.


Errors corrected include: -

·         Invalid COBOL was being generated with a Classical CICS (3270 screen) VSAM enquiry or update using a generic key.  Now OK

·         Program IN1R, distributed with the training objects, was causing an error because the wrong definition of Program IN1R was distributed.  Now the correct version is in the distribution, also the error caused by the wrong version has been fixed.


Enhancements include: -

·         Help/Record Issue.  A new option of the Help menu makes it easy to report issues from within the MANASYS Workbench, whether a fault, a suggested enhancement, or simply a question.   Help/Record Issue prepares a file with the information that we will most likely need to help you, and then opens the Issues Page where you can describe the issue, upload any files that you think we might need, and then send it to us.  We’ll respond as quickly as possible: we aim to have an initial response within 2 working days.  

·         INVOKE CICS1(CICS1C);  now sets JZ-XCTL automatically.  This enables the invoked program to recognize that it has been invoked with a Commarea, but no screen, and handle the situation appropriately: -

003020*    INVOKE CICS1(CICS1C);                                        CICSXX

003030     MOVE 'Y' TO JZ-XCTL OF CICS1C.                               CICSXX

003040     EXEC CICS                                                    CICSXX


003060     END-EXEC.                                                    CICSXX

003070     PERFORM CICS-CheckStatus.                                    CICSXX

The Jazz programmer no longer has to precede the INVOKE statement with
CICS1C.JZ-XCTL = true;

See The INVOKE Statement for more information.

·         Data type or property INDEX is now available to force binary numbers to be defined as COMP-5 instead of COMP.  This makes no difference at all to those compiling their COBOL on an IBM platform, but the difference can matter when COBOL is compiled for x86 (e.g., using Micro Focus Enterprise Developer with Windows). On an x86 platform COMP has big-endian byte order, while COMP-5 has little-endian order.  This matters if a SMALLINT, INTEGER, or BIGINT field is redefined, or passed as a parameter.

For more information, see DEFINE/DATA/INDEX.

Getting the Latest Build

This build will download automatically when Download Jazz is clicked.  


Existing users should

1.    If you’re running MANASYS Jazz from a saved shortcut, check that you’re running build #255 by looking at Help/About, or else by looking at the line 4 comment of the generated COBOL.  If you have a saved shortcut to the previously-loaded version then this may continue to run the old version.

2.    If you have downloaded the training objects, download program IN1R.jzz again to get the correct version.

What Next?  Planning for the Next Release

We’re never short of ideas, but the important ideas are yours.  What would you like us to do next?   Every release is an opportunity to rethink and reset, so there’s never a better time to tell us what enhancements you’d like to see.


Possible developments: -

·         Client-side interface generation.  This has met objectives for the third stage, but there are still many ideas to make this feature even better. These include

o       Implementing ViewState definitions, providing a facility that works for web services the way that Viewstate works in ASP.NET, supporting web service conversations, and chained execution sequences.

o       Build 16.3 has worked with variations of program JSPG3, a DB2 parent/child update program, and VSAM equivalents.  The web service dialog will be reviewed to provide more options and flexibility.  The next stage may remove the restriction on VSAM records containing repeating fields or groups, and a method that will allow record hierarchies of many different record types is being considered.


Please let us know your priorities and suggestions for further development.


Robert Barnes

CEO, Jazz Software Ltd

Skype: Robert.Barnes3


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