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MANASYS Jazz Build 16.4.257. Minor Enhancements to Easytrieve Conversion


This build makes minor enhancements to Easytrieve Conversion functions. 


1.    #, @, and $ are substituted correctly, at any position in the field name.

2.    Working Storage definitions do not have filler inserted to fill to the record length specified in the File definition.

3.    If DSNAME is omitted, JCL is generated with a DD statement, using DSNAME=&&Filename

4.    If complex conditions can’t be converted by the Conversion Notepad, then message #681 is produced, and this message includes a link to a help page that tells you how to fix the problem.   The Conversion Notepad will have converted the code to invalid Jazz, for example

IF ACCOUNT NE 0701 0716 0726 0711 0721 0731 0741


    IF ACCOUNT NOTIN(0701,0716,0726,0711,0721,0731,0741);

    #681 S Condition will need to be edited. See

5.      Long names (e.g. a Procedure name exceeding 30 characters) are truncated so that COBOL is valid without producing COBOL compile messages.

6.      FOR loops: message #672 is not produced for a valid FOR statement.   Like #681, #682 has a link to a web page explaining the problem and how to fix it.

7.      END IF is not changed to END ROUTINE IF

8.      Convert REPORT as Routine is handled correctly, whether there is a final END or not.

Getting the Latest Build

You’ll get this build automatically when Download Jazz is clicked.  


Existing users: if you’re running MANASYS Jazz from a saved shortcut, check that you’re running build #257 by looking at Help/About, or the line 4 comment of the generated COBOL.  If you have a saved shortcut to the previously-loaded version then this may continue to run the old version.

What Next?  Planning for the Next Release

We’re never short of ideas, but the important ideas are yours.  What would you like us to do next?   Every release is an opportunity to rethink and reset, so there’s never a better time to tell us what enhancements you’d like to see. Please let us know your priorities and suggestions for further development.


Robert Barnes

CEO, Jazz Software Ltd

Skype: Robert.Barnes3


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