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MANASYS Jazz Build 15.2.190

Offer:  Free Lifetime Personal MANASYS Jazz Licences

We need users to help us test not only the latest DB2 features but also earlier MANASYS Jazz features.  Are you interested?  We’re offering free personal lifetime licences to such users.  All we ask in return is that you provide feedback from time to time.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  Does it do what you need it to do?  How can the product be improved?  


Your technical risk is low: Jazz itself is written with VB.NET and is installed on your Windows Laptop or PC, where it generates COBOL for the target environment (zOS or Micro Focus).   The generated code is “pure COBOL”, there is no proprietary run-time or run-time licence cost, and only a few support routines for functions such as Date Arithmetic.  Support routines are supplied as COBOL source, so nothing is hidden.


If you are interested log on to the Jazz web site with this URL, using a web browser enabled for ClickOnce (probably Edge or Internet Explorer).


When the Jazz home page opens, click “Get Jazz” then click the button [New User] and follow the Setup instructions at


When you download MANASYS Jazz you’ll get an initial 3-month license.  To convert this to a permanent license email your feedback and one or more sample Jazz programs to us at and we’ll convert your time-limited evaluation licence to a permanent licence.


This is a personal offer: you must register with a personal, not corporate, email to qualify.  But you are free to use your downloaded Jazz software within your employment, indeed we hope you do, and that your colleagues are so impressed with your productivity benefits that your employer will purchase a corporate licence for their other employees and contractors.   We expect this offer to be particularly attractive to freelance contractors, and to ambitious COBOL support programmers who see benefit in learning ways to be more productive and introducing these to their employer.


This is a limited offer, and will expire after some time or when we have enough such users, so don’t delay, get in while you can.

DB2 Support now built into MANASYS Jazz, Build 15.2.190

Build 190 introduces DB2 support to Jazz, allowing you to write programs like this accessing DB2 with the same ease with which you can access sequential and VSAM files: -

*# Last Updated by JazzUser at 30/11/2018 11:47:58 AM



COPY department;










Changes compared with a similar program using VSAM are minimal: -

·         The PROGRAM statement includes “DATABASE xxxx DB2”

·         DB2 table definitions replace VSAM with SQL, and have a few more options and rules supporting SQL features.  

Jazz Workench functions provide

·         Import from SQL to convert an existing table definition to a Jazz definition where extra Jazz features like validation and conversion rules can be added, and

·         Export to do the reverse conversion, generating an SQL CREATE TABLE statement


In the background the generated COBOL program will be very different, using CONNECT and EXEC SQL SELECT … instead of OPEN and READ filename, and following other embedded-SQL rules.  Where a VSAM READ reads the entire record, SELECT statements are generated that retrieve only the fields referenced in the program.


Build 185 introduced DATE data within normal COBOL (any record type), so of course this is fully supported with SQL as well.  The very convenient and efficient MANASYS Jazz date formatting and arithmetic features continue to work for SQL in exactly the same way as for other record types.


Build 190 introduces only a basic level of DB2 support.  Within the batch environment you can use a SQL “record” as you would any other type of data.  Work is continuing validating Jazz with CICS and Web Service environments, and adding advanced SQL features that have no equivalent with other record types.


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