MANASYS Jazz Build 15.1.188

Build 188 completes validation of Jazz with Micro Focus.   MANASYS Jazz has now been proven to work well with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer (with Visual Studio 2017), to the same standard as with z/OS.  In fact, the excellent testing facilities provided by MF Enterprise Developer/VS2017 allowed a number of corrections and enhancements to be made, making Jazz better in both z/OS and Micro Focus environments.


The more important changes in this build are: -

1.         Container Names

With CICS Web Services, in z/OS container names are required but arbitrary, but in the Micro Focus environment the names of both the Input and Output containers need to be DFHWS-DATA.  This is now the Jazz default, and unless you’ve set Jazz to work directly with z/OS a warning message is produced if it is changed from this value.

2.         Binary Fields in Web Service Messages

In web service messages Jazz generates binary fields – SMALLINT, INTEGER, and BIGINT – as COMP-5 instead of COMP, ensuring that such data is correctly returned to the test program (SOAPUI).  

3.      Configuration Enhancement to Support Visual Studio

Visual Studio has the concept of a “Solution”, which may contain several “Projects”.  When you configure Jazz to work with your Micro Focus COBOL project it looks for a .sln file within the project folder with the same name as the project: if this doesn’t exist then a dialog shows you the names of the .sln files in this folder so that you can choose which solution will be automatically opened from Jazz.


Please contact us if you want more details about the changes, if you have any questions about Jazz that are not quickly answered from our web site, or if you want to arrange access to an evaluation copy of MANASYS Jazz.


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