Jazz Language Reference.  Preface

About This Document

JazzLRM_... is a series of web pages describing the Jazz programming language in detail, and forming the design specification of the Jazz language during Jazz development. This document, JazzLRM_Preface, is an introduction to the Jazz Language. It will be helpful to read these LRM pages in conjunction with the User Guide pages, JazzUG_ … Where the LRM series provide a specification, the UG series provide a general description of how to use Jazz for programming, illustrating concepts and showing simple examples in a tutorial style.  Use the LRM series like a dictionary to find out the rules, use the UG series like a textbook for learning the system concepts.

Text Conventions

Some material is like this, written in the normal text, but coloured green. This is material that has been reviewed and is planned for implementation, but hasn’t been implemented yet. As this material is implemented the text is reviewed, changed as necessary, and changed to normal text colour. It is expected that the features described like this, or something like them, will be part of the Version 1 product.


Unformatted material in Courier font, like this: -

     For ­introducing initial concepts, we will look at a record layout that has already been defined.

is text that has been taken from the MANASYS Language Reference Manual (an earlier, now obsolete, product), but has not yet been reviewed or implemented. It may be saved separately as “Parking”. It forms an initial design specification and is useful for planning, but as the project proceeds everything is being re-evaluated and the final product differs significantly.  Within this unformatted material some global changes have been made (for example MANASYS has become Jazz) and some material that is irrelevant (but not all) has been removed. You will normally ignore anything that is parked, or in this Courier font.

Jazz Language Reference - Organization

The first section, Introduction, should be read first. Later sections are designed for reference rather than tutorial, and can be read in any order.


The document contains four sections:


Section 1         Introduction

Describes the terms and introduces the concepts that are used in these pages to describe the Jazz Language.   What is a Comment?  A Statement?  A Program?


Section 2         DEFINE

Describes the DEFINE statement and its options.


Section 3         Jazz Statements

Describes each of the Jazz Statements in alphabetical order.


Section 4         Topical Reference

Describes a few Jazz features that apply to several statements: