Jazz Help and Training

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Overview Videos

This first demonstration shows the simplicity and power of Jazz with a basic reporting example.

Adding two lines of Jazz definition and one of Jazz logic to a generated template creates all the COBOL, WSDL, and Binding objects required to provide a web service.

INVOKE (?) REPLY(?) initiates a services discovery dialog.  With this resolved, one line of Jazz logic is enough to handle all COBOL, WSDL, and Binding requirements.

A few clicks create a conversion spreadsheet. A few more creates a program to convert the input to output based on the spreadsheet's mapping rules

A graphical Report Designer offers precise layout control and more flexibility than PRINT

The most basic type of Classical CICS Program.

From the record definition (14 lines) Jazz generates a screen and pseudo-conversational program to read a record by primary or alternate key, and update it.
(43 lines of BMS, 1421 lines of COBOL).

We extend the basic update program with another 19 lines of Jazz to provide an order entry program with both horizonal and vertical paging.

Instructional Videos

"Not yet available" shows the current plan, but this may change

Install and configure Jazz. Get Help

Statements, keywords, and data. DEFINE, PROCESS, PRINT.

Assignment and calculation. IF, CASE, and FOR. PERFORM and ROUTINE. CALL and SUBPROGRAM.

Assignments: Basic(move), Generic, Calculation, Concatenation.

Conditions (IF, CASE) and Loops (FOR).

Data Validation (ACCEPT).

Routines, Parameters, and Subprograms.


Data mapping with Excel spreadsheets. Converting files

CICS programming for 3270 terminals. ACCEPT, SEND, INVOKE.

SOA Concepts. Web Service provider programs. Updating data. Invoking web services

Graphical Report Layout Design

An introduction to Jazz - Concepts and Facilities

An overview of Jazz

Jazz Set Up

Jazz Set Up: Install and Configure Jazz

Users Guide

A series of tutorial-style pages showing you how to write Jazz programs

Language Reference

A series of reference-style pages showing you the rules of Jazz statements

The Jazz Workbench

Help pages for the major Jazz forms

Jazz and Existing Systems

Jazz and the Maintenance of Existing Systems

SOA Testing

Some pages to demonstrate and test Web Services (Service Oriented Architecture)