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This page indexes various publications about MANASYS Jazz, together with some related COBOL-related publications.


The Elephant in the Room

            We need software that takes aim at the real problem, complexity.   Published Jan 24 2019

COBOL and the Enterprise Programming Paradigm

            Think COBOL is obsolete?  Read this and think again!   Published 26th Feb 2019 (Author Jonathan Sayles).

MANASYS is a useful Design and Documentation Language

            Even without software to compile it, MANASYS has been used as a design language.  Published October 12 2018

MANASYS and Micro Focus (Video, 3m)

            Both MANASYS and Micro Focus modernize COBOL, but in different and complimentary ways.  Published 17th April 2019


            MANASYS generates the COBOL your good programmers would write, if they had the time.  Published 1st June 2019

MANASYS Jazz – Agile for COBOL

            Productivity gains substantially reduce the need for writing COBOL directly, and foster an agile approach.  Published 24th June 2019

Creating Test Data with MANASYS Jazz

            Well-designed test data is a valuable system asset.  It’s easy to create with MANASYS Jazz.  Published 24th July 2019

The Origins of MANASYS Jazz

            The origins of MANASYS, and its design philosophy.  Published 30th August 2019

Still the Best for High Volume   Published 31st August 2019

This Planet Mainframe article by Reg Harbeck, COBOL: Still the Best for New High-Volume Applications After All These Years, documents what many of us older programmers already know. There are good reasons why COBOL is still around, and that 1.5 Billion lines of new COBOL are being written every year.

COBOL Will Outlive Us All     Published 7th September 2019

            Posts a link to an article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Create CICS Web Services Quickly and Easily                     Published 29th November 2019

Ready-to-consume web services, hosted directly out of the mainframe, written by the people who understand the data, written in minutes.

MANASYS Jazz: Convert Easytrieve™ to COBOL in Hours, not Days   Published 7th March 2021

The easiest and best way to convert Easytrieve™ to COBOL

Why MANASYS?       Published 29th March 2021

Since 1980, when the first version of MANASYS was released, we have had a single goal: to make programming as simple as possible without sacrificing flexibility, efficiency, or the safety of proven technology.

MANASYS Jazz – the Low-Risk Development Option          Published 13th April 2021

With Better Data Definitions and Multi-level Tools, MANASYS Jazz is the best and lowest-risk development option, reducing software and development risk by generating standard languages, and offering 1:20 or better productivity ratios in an attractive modern IDE.

CICS Web Services just got Even Easier      Published 12th July 2021

MANASYS Jazz can now generate Client Interfaces for multiple records, including parent/child record sets, and can manage update for these records with CICS-style pseudo-locking.  The Bridging Two Worlds video has been updated to demonstrate these features.

Aging Workforce => COBOL Crisis               Published 13th September 2021

Mainframe users know that their COBOL systems are ticking time bombs as their COBOL programmers retire and can’t be replaced. Either alone or combined with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer MANASYS Jazz provides the best path to Application Modernization, offering low risk and a fraction of the cost of alternatives.


What is MANASYS Jazz?   Published 11th November 2021

MANASYS Jazz is multi-level development software for mainframe users to make programming as simple as possible without losing any of the flexibility, efficiency, and safety of proven technology.  This is the first of a planned 10-part series of articles about MANASYS.

How does MANASYS Work?   Published 14th December 2021

The principle “Say What, not How” inspires the way Jazz defines data. Complete data definitions largely eliminate the need for procedural code to access, format, and validate data, giving MANASYS great power with no loss of flexibility or efficiency.

Easytrieve Conversion.   Published 7th February 2022

MANASYS Jazz is the easiest and best way of converting Easytrieve to COBOL.  Easytrieve programs are similar structure to a basic report program in Jazz so conversion is easy.  [Process] turns this into high quality COBOL that needs no run-time support.

Mainframe Modernization.  Published 16th March 2022

Modernization projects are challenging.  As well as Easytrieve Conversion, MANASYS Jazz can help with several issues including Skills (COBOL) Shortage, Discovery (Understanding Old COBOL Systems), reducing Future Legacy Issues, and Keeping Current and New Functions in Step. 

Web Services: Key to Mainframe Modernization. Published 1st April 2022

Your enterprise data must be available in the right way on the right platforms, and so mainframes must communicate with other computers that don’t use CICS or COBOL. "Application Modernization" doesn't mean "replace the mainframe", it means that you require web services.

Web Service Interfaces.  Published 5th July 2022

With 2 clicks MANASYS creates an interface to manage a web service that it has generated.  Now client apps simply refer to properties and methods, as they would for other local objects, to get local validation and simple operations.

Data Transformation. Published 5th August 2022

Software upgrades often require data transformation.  We built this facility for our first customer, who later reported: -

“In using Jazz, programs that take hours or days can be done in minutes, data mapping that takes a day or more to complete can be done in minutes”

Why COBOL?  Published 10th October 2022

As an old language COBOL might seem the wrong choice for new programming software, but COBOL underpins the world’s economy and will be around for the foreseeable future.  See how MANASYS Jazz helps you to understand legacy systems, introduce new programmers to COBOL, and solve the skills shortage, all while offering unrivalled productivity.

Programming Bridge Applications    Published weekly from 12th February 2024

A series of articles, starting with COBOL Modernization, that shows you how to develop application like Bridging Two Worlds.


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