MANASYS Jazz Features

This page highlights various features of MANASYS Jazz with links to articles published about to it.


The Elephant in the Room

            We need software that takes aim at the real problem, complexity. Published Jan 24 2019

MANASYS is a useful Design and Documentation Language

            Even without software to compile it, MANASYS has been used as a design language. Published October 12 2018

MANASYS and Micro Focus (Video, 3m)

Both MANASYS and Micro Focus modernize COBOL, but in different and complimentary ways. Published 17th April 2019


MANASYS generates the COBOL your good programmers would write, if they had the time. Published 1st June 2019

MANASYS Jazz Agile for COBOL

Productivity gains substantially reduce the need for writing COBOL directly, and foster an agile approach. Published 24th June 2019

Creating Test Data with MANASYS Jazz

Well-designed test data is a valuable system asset. Its easy to create with MANASYS Jazz. Published 24th July 2019


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